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About Amy Glass

BRODY Professional Development Director of Training, Senior Facilitator & Executive Coach

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Energizing. That’s one word you can use to sum up Amy’s distinct approach to training and coaching. Amy began at BRODY in 1996, and ever since, has successfully led learners with her unique, fast-paced teaching style.

Amy facilitates training programs that focus on leadership presence, presentation and facilitation skills, networking, professional savvy, and managing and engaging multiple generations in the workplace. In her roles as professional speaker and executive coach, she also customizes and designs sessions to personally address client needs.

Amy has worked with many Fortune 500 companies and international trade associations in a variety of industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, finance, entertainment, education, and technology. She has presented programs internationally in Dubai, Austria, Ireland, Bermuda and France.

During Amy’s tenure at BRODY, she has helped develop courses that have shaped a distinct training style – as Amy puts it, being an “Enter-trainer.” Amy incorporates a passionate, dynamic teaching approach using humor, group rapport, multimedia, skill-building exercises, and generally pushing people out of the normal comfort zone.

She has presented workshops at many industry events and always receives rave reviews — including American Society for Training and Development in 2006 and 2009, and for the Society of Pharmaceutical and Biotech Trainers (SPBT) conference in 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Amy was featured as an expert in a report about intergenerational training programs on “The Early Show” on CBS. She also co-authored a book about networking skills titled, You Can’t Do It Alone: Building Relationships for Career Success (Career Skills Press, 2006).

Amy is a graduate of Boston University, where she earned a degree in Mass Communications. She also studied Organizational Dynamics at The University of Pennsylvania. When she’s not coaching professionals, Amy can be found at playgrounds with her husband and two young sons in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Amy’s Thoughts on Training

Listen to Amy Glass discuss managing the generations on a Kiplinger audio conference:

What can we expect in your classroom?

Energy. Humor. Group rapport and bonding. Skill-building exercises. Definitely, pushing people out of their comfort zone. Fast-paced learning and fun.

Are training participants looking for something different?

They are looking for meaningful, stimulating learning, and content that’s not theoretical or generalized; but directly applicable to their industry, company and position. Participants want to walk out of a class better at whatever skill was taught. In the class itself, they’re looking for innovative approaches, including mixing media like PowerPoint, videos, flip charts, white boards and smart boards.

They also expect to be entertained. I like the term “entertrainment” – that sums up my training philosophy perfectly.

Why training?

Training is an effective tool for all three generations present in today’s workforce. For example, Baby Boomers desire self development and constant improvement. For the younger generations, including Gen X and Millennials, professional development helps them feel invested in their organization and gives them a sense of security. And it gives them all marketable skills, which these groups really value. Millennials — as the most educated generation in American history — truly seem to appreciate every learning opportunity.

What is your delivery style in the classroom?

I have an excited, interactive approach to learning. I am a storyteller, illustrating points with analogies, examples and participant exercises. My goal is to ensure retention. People in my classes express how practical the information is, how engaged they are, and how quickly the time passes.

What Amy’s Clients Are Saying

Contact Amy Glass directly at AGlass(at)BrodyPro(dot)com or contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688 to discover how she and our team of trainers can transform your professional development!