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About Bill Steele

BRODY Professional Development Senior Facilitator & Executive Coach

Bill Steele, BRODY Professional Development Senior Facilitator and Executive CoachDownload Bill’s Bio (PDF, 139 KB)

In his roles as coach and trainer, Bill Steele has been showing BRODY clients the way to stronger presentation skills since 1992. Focusing exclusively on presentation and facilitation skills, has given him a depth of understanding that takes clients beyond their learning expectations. His coaching feedback gives training participants the unique insight that only a true expert can provide.

High marks from clients are the norm. Bill’s career, which began in sales promotion, has included advertising agency management, consumer research, consulting, and the simultaneous management of multiple business associations.

He was chosen throughout his career to lead presentations, resulting in a wealth of experience persuading audiences on subjects ranging from the technical to the creative, from business/financial plans, to advertising and special events. Bill’s senior management experience enables him to coach with credibility at all levels, and his research has given him first-hand experience explaining technical data to nontechnical audiences.

Watch Bill discuss strategies for how to best present scientific and technological information.

Asked by one of BRODY’s Fortune 100 clients to develop speaker training for its leaders, Bill created Speaking to Lead, devoted to the art and science of inspiring audiences to embrace change. Bill’s research in this area has led to individual coaching of business leaders who are challenged to inspire their audiences with a compelling vision.

Bill is a graduate of the University of Colorado business school. He has also studied psychology at Bowling Green State University. Bill’s expertise on presentation skills has appeared in SellingPower, and the book Speaking is an Audience-Centered Sport. His own book, Presentation Skills 201: How to Take it to the Next Level as a Confident, Engaging Presenter, was released in 2009. In July 2007, he was featured on “Viewpoints” – a half-hour syndicated weekly radio magazine — where Bill discussed the 2008 Presidential race, sharing effective public speaking tips for the candidates.

Bill’s Thoughts on Training

What do you find most interesting about BRODY clients?

BRODY clients don’t play down “soft” skills. They understand the critical importance of strong communication skills and professional presence. They have a fuller, more rounded, understanding of what goes into developing successful employees.BRODY clients see the whole picture, not just the hard skills someone needs to adequately get by.

In what situation do you feel that you make the biggest impact?

I find I have the biggest and most immediate impact when I am helping someone prepare for an upcoming presentation.When they are just days away from standing in front of senior management or an important customer, coaching clients are intensely focused and highly motivated.

When my years of experience combine with their passion to do well, the results can be amazing.

What makes BRODY unique?

Clients tell us that what makes BRODY stand out … Two things they continually tell us is the high quality of our trainers and the comprehensive nature of the training. Few trainers make it through the BRODY selection process, which results in an exceptionally strong training team. Other training companies will field trainers who just know the workshop script; BRODY sends out trainers with deep knowledge of the topic and years of training experience.

When it comes to training content, the BRODY approach is to dive deep into the topic. The result is knowledge-rich workshops that give participants more than they expected.

How has your training changed over the years?

When I first started training in the early ’90s, I focused on delivering the course content as thoroughly and flawlessly as possible. I was focused more on how well I was delivering the content, than on how much the participants were experiencing results. I haven’t abandoned the commitment to well-delivered workshops, but my total focus now is on working for results. All day long the question I keep before me is,“What can I do to help this group take their skills up another notch and experience success?”

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