About BRODY Pro

About Greg Brower

BRODY Senior Facilitator

Greg Brower teaches the complete range of BRODY communication skills programs, specifically presentation and interpersonal skills, negotiations, managing conflict, listening skills, building influential client relationships, and understanding behavioral styles (DISC).

An approachable, perceptive and flexible trainer and coach, Greg is often asked by our clients to design programs for specific audiences and specialized teams.

In the classroom, Greg connects with audiences of any size. With infectious enthusiasm, his style guarantees a highly participatory, positive learning environment. Clients can expect a training session whose reach will extend far beyond the classroom.

Greg draws upon his significant professional accomplishments to ensure real world applications to his training. As a member of the Maryland Bar Association, with an extensive background in litigation, mediation, sales and consulting, Greg facilitates constructive dialogue to create positive outcomes in a variety of challenging situations and circumstances. Greg has been very involved in the Maryland legal community, promoting the use of mediation in business.

Growing up in the New York area, Greg graduated with honors from Fordham University, and received a law degree from the University of Missouri. He now resides with his family in the Baltimore area. An avid book collector, Greg can be found throughout the country living part-time in used bookstores.

Greg’s Thoughts on Training

What do training participants fear the most?

I think participants sometimes worry that a training program will be less than their expectations, or even worse, that they would be better off not attending. Adults in training are being asked to learn and acquire new habits of thought and action. If the environment is not positive and constructive, the result of training will not be positive.

The key to a successful learning experience is finding ways to challenge the audience to achieve those goals — while also ensuring a constructive, safe environment.

What do training participants enjoy the most?

Enjoyment starts with attention. A good training environment gives participants the feeling of attention.

I always sense a deep appreciation and joy from learners when they receive attention and recognition — moreover, when it is directed specifically towards their interests, goals, and needs. Recognition with a purpose!

In what situations do you find that you make the biggest impact?

Since training and coaching are providing skills and knowledge to do the job better, my biggest impact is giving the specific, constructive feedback to reach that goal. My job as a trainer is to help facilitate behavioral change, replacing bad habits with good ones. I recall working with a very senior person in an organization who had highly specialized subject matter expertise in her field. She was certain that she could never attain competence as a speaker. In one day of training, her outlook toward her own skill set profoundly changed for the better. She no longer feared her incompetence that set a destructive pattern and cycle of negative habits, but embraced her newfound competence.

When have your participants gained the most?

When at the end of a training session, they feel it is just the beginning. They have learned and acquired something of value. Now the fun begins. Back on the job, a rewarding experience awaits!

Contact Greg Brower directly at GBrower(at)BrodyPro.com or contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688 to discover how Greg and our team can transform your professional development!