BRODY Pro Coaching

Marjorie Brody is the Go-To Professional Certified Coach for Top Business Leaders

Marjorie Brody, Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Marjorie is among the coaching elite. A tremendously successful businesswoman in her own right, Marjorie is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – designated by the well-respected International Coach Federation. She has become the go-to executive consultant for some of the top business leaders in America.

Areas of coaching specialty include:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Executive Presence and Professionalism
  • Presentation Skills

Marjorie’s results-oriented focus, with candid and supportive feedback, a genuine sense of humor, and customized approach, make the coaching relationship a productive and successful experience.

Marjorie’s coaching offers in-depth dialogues over a period of time, to address performance and career-enhancement goals. Utilizing all means of technology, coaching sessions can be conducted in person, via e-mail, Webex, or over the phone. Most coaching initiatives include a 360-degree interview process and a DISC assessment.

What People Are Saying

Marjorie helped me to change my life through my executive coaching. She helped bring out my true self that I had kept hidden and I realized my potential leadership. Through my executive coaching I am fulfilled every day in my dream job. I am so grateful to Marjorie. She has become a coach, mentor and a “foxhole” friend for life.” — Joyce Irwin, President and CEO, Community Health Network Foundation

The work I have done with Marjorie has improved my professional performance exponentially! I have received comments that others have seen a noticeable change in my performance. Specifically, others have seen an improvement in how I run meetings, organize agendas, and lead my team.

Due to my coaching with Marjorie, I have a clearer picture of the specific behaviors that I must address to successfully manage the challenges that arise in my work, and directing the work of a highly talented team of individuals.

Marjorie gave me a process to follow and techniques to implement that take the guesswork out of preparing my presentations. I am now more comfortable and able to control my stage fright.

I’ve been working with Marjorie for six months, and the results have been wonderful! I am more productive, more confident in my work, and my immediate supervisor has commented that my focus has been more strategic and solution-oriented. Marjorie is a great listener, an insightful strategist and a great coach!

Marjorie has helped me to improve my communication skills in meetings and conference calls.

Marjorie is eager to speak with you about your challenges and objectives to customize a solution that promises results! Contact Marjorie Brody directly at (215) 886-1688 or email Marjorie(at)BrodyPro(dot)com to discuss your needs.