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Create a Culture of Accountability to Invigorate
Your Team’s Commitment and Passion for Success

AccountibilityAccountability: Four Keys to Manage Success (Yours and Others)

In these times of tight budgets and greater work-related demands, every team member must “own” their decisions and actions if the organization is to succeed as a whole. If you are noticing pockets of complacency, finger pointing, and blame within your group or your company — our program can help. This Marjorie Brody workshop will invigorate your employees’ commitment and passion through an accountability audit, and reinforce the principle of personal accountability as the linchpin to success.

As a result of this accountability workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a culture of accountability
  • Convert a poor attitude into a winning attitude
  • Lead by example in all that they do
  • Give and receive honest feedback
  • Demonstrate courage in challenging situations
  • Eliminate behaviors that can destroy relationships and reputations
  • Hold themselves and others accountable for results

Target Audience:

Those who want to achieve greater individual and team success

Number of Participants:


Program Length:

Tailored to audience and client needs (90 minutes to two hours)

Program Outline:

Four Realities of Our Work World

  1. Attitude: Life is not fair.
  2. Performance: No one owes you a living
  3. Behavior: Reputation & relationships rule.
  4. Courage: Doing the right thing is the right thing

Materials Include:

Participant handout and “mini” book No Excuses! Create a Culture of Accountability
, by
Marjorie Brody

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