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Effectively Manage Generations in the Workplace
to Enhance Team and Organizational Success

Bridging the Generational Gap

Bridging the Generational Gap

Corporate America is now experiencing the largest diversity in age groupings represented in the workplace than at any other time in U.S. history. With this diversity comes a new leadership challenge — successfully bridging the generation gaps at work.

In this Amy Glass presentation, you’ll deepen your understanding of the differences that divide the generations, and learn how you can leverage them to enhance team and organizational success.


As a result of this Bridging the Generational Gap session, participants will be able to:

  • Learn about the three main generations in America’s workforce, and how they each shape their members’ views at work, buying behaviors, communication styles, and other crucial areas.
  • Identify general characteristics displayed by each generation in the workplace
  • Recognize and successfully manage common sources of conflict between generations
  • Motivate and manage a multigenerational team

Target Audience:

Formal or informal leaders seeking to better influence and inspire employees of multiple age groups.

Number of Participants:


Program Length:

Tailored to audience and client needs; programs run anywhere in length from 60- or 90-minute keynote.

Program Outlines:

  1. Overview of the Generations
    • Why/how generational experiences shape us
    • Who are the generations in our workforce?
    • Defining events and characteristics
  2. Managing Generational Conflict
    • Sources of conflict
    • Managing generational conflict through: coaching and developing, team dynamics and communication
  3. Motivating and Managing a Multigenerational Team

Materials Include:

Participant manual

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