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Developing Leadership Presence to Energize, Relate to
and Engage Your Team, Senior Leaders and Clients

Leadership PresenceLeadership Presence: Power Up
Your Potential

What makes a truly inspiring leader? Is it charisma? Confidence? Integrity? Authenticity?

Yes and so much more.

While some characteristics are innate, research has shown that leadership traits can be learned and honed through practice.


This BRODY session will show you how to gain the power to energize those within your sphere of influence, and more effectively relate to — and engage — your team members, senior leaders and clients.

This highly interactive leadership workshop will teach you how to harness your own communication style to connect with colleagues, managers, and clients — and project confidence, authority, and authenticity. Begin with the basics of leadership presence and choose the modules that best meet your needs. The program length will depend on the areas of focus/interest selected from the sections in the below outline.

The modules in this leadership presentation will enable participants to:

  • Be present in the moment to help control emotions and increase flexibility
  • Create connections and enhance relationships through listening and empathy
  • Project confidence through body language and voice
  • Present themselves and their ideas with impact and presence
  • Frame their communication for better outcomes
  • Think on their feet, while projecting credibility and poise
  • Be inspirational — move others to purpose, to embrace change and to do great things

Target Audience:

Leaders and emerging leaders who need to project authenticity, confidence and credibility.

Number of Participants:


Program Length:

60- to 90-minute presentation — based on modules selected/client objectives

Program Outline:

The Basics:

  1. What is Leadership Presence?
    • What are traits/characteristics that you associate with leadership presence?
    • Who has leadership presence?
    • How can you apply leadership presence and benefit from it?
  2. How People Perceive Us
    • The warmth/competence “sweet spot”
    • Increasing confidence through “Power Posing”
  3. Leadership Presence Individual Assessment


  1. Be Present (being in the moment to help control your emotions and increase flexibility)
    • Physical presence
    • Mental presence
      • Exercises: Be in the body/breathe/transform your inner critic.
  2. Be Connected (creating connections and enhancing relationships through listening and empathy)
    • Importance of empathy
    • Three empathy guidelines for leaders
    • Three strategies for building better relationships
      • Exercise: Participants pair up to practice listening and empathy exercises.
  3. Be Expressive (using body language, facial expressions, dress, voice, words, and stories to build your professional presence)
    • Visual: your look (body language, grooming, dress)
    • Vocal: your voice (volume, cadence, inflection, pausing)
    • Verbal: your words
      • Exercise: The elevator pitch — Share the top three top priorities driving the business. Each person presents, is videotaped, and receives feedback.
  4. Be Expressive (Part 2)
    • Tactical networking skills (introductions, handshakes, exchanging business cards, creating small talk)
    • Framing your communication
      • Exercise: Stating your position (PREP)
      • Exercise: What? So what? Now what? Each person presents, is videotaped, and receives feedback.
  5. Be Organizationally Savvy
    • Managing up
    • Creating a personal brand statement
  6. Be Inspirational
    • Knowing yourself and your values
    • The importance of self-reflection
    • Share your values
      • Exercises: Writing and speaking your leadership values.
    • Leaders tell stories
    • The importance of stories
    • How to be an effective storyteller
      • Exercise: Telling leadership stories – where we were / where we are/ where we are going. Each person presents, is videotaped, and receives feedback.

Materials Include:

Manual and other exercises (jump drives could be added, depending on how program is customized/client objectives)

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Energize, relate to and engage your team, senior leaders and clients by developing leadership presence—contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688 to find out more about our leadership presentation.