Building Your Personal Brand to Achieve
Greater Professional Success and Recognition

Market Your MAGIC

We all know that who you know matters in business. Equally, if not more importantly, is who knows you and what you are capable of doing. The days of waiting to be discovered are long gone — you must spend time building your own personal brand if you want to be perceived as an expert in your field.

Marjorie Brody’s Market Your MAGIC gives you the tools, tenacity, and motivation you need to build your personal brand within your organization and industry, and achieve greater professional success and recognition as a result.

As a result of attending this session and developing a professional development plan, participants will be able to:

  • Build a reputation of professionalism and competence
  • Strategically identify advocates (within their company and industry) and make themselves valuable to these key people
  • Find and pursue “stretch” assignments
  • Invest their time and energy strategically
  • Increase their visibility as experts in their field by communicating value

Target Audience:

Those looking to achieve greater professional success and recognition; can be customized for women’s initiatives and other affinity groups.

Number of Participants:


Program Length:

Tailored to audience and client needs; programs run anywhere in length from 60- or 90-minute keynote or webinar, to ½-day session.

Program Outline:

  1. Pay closer attention to your personal Manner
    • How you come across to others
    • Identify self-limiting behaviors
  2.  Develop Advocates
    • Identify
    • Develop
    • Maintain
  3. Continue to Grow
    • Expand knowledge
    • Improve skillset
    • Take risks
  4. Get more Involved strategically
    • Within your company, industry and community
    • Take leadership roles
  5. Communicate and create Commentary to be perceived as an expert
    • Communicate through writing (email, thank-you notes, articles)
    • Blog, tweet on Twitter, and post commentary on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social networking sites
    • Find speaking opportunities (at internal meetings and outside conferences)

Materials Include:

Handout  and Career MAGIC: A Woman’s Guide to Reward & Recognition book by Marjorie Brody

BRODY Professional Development can help you create a professional development plan and build your personal brand — contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688 to find out more!