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Hall of Fame Speaker Marjorie Brody Reveals How to Get Optimum Results with Professional Speech Preparation and Delivering Strategies

Top 10 Reasons Why Presentations Fail … and How to Avoid Them

Does it seem like people are more interested in observing others, looking at their watches, doodling in their handouts, or using their smart phone to text, check email or update their Facebook status than actually listen to your presentation?

Have you ever been sabotaged by PowerPoint? Do the symptoms of stage fright leave you mentally and physically exhausted? Do you dread being asked a question … fearful you won’t have the answer?

Or, even worse – do you get no results after you deliver a presentation?

After more years than she would like to admit, Marjorie Brody has identified the top 10 reasons why presentations fail. She has helped thousands to overcome these obstacles and get optimum results with professional speech preparation and delivering strategies.

As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Apply specific techniques for preparation
  • Know their PAL™ (Purpose, Audience & Logistics)
  • Avoid data dumps
  • Use PowerPoint more effectively
  • Anticipate and properly answer questions
  • Master great platform presence

Target Audience:

Anyone whose success depends on the ability to present effectively

Program Length:



Handout and Speaking is an Audience-Centered Sport, by Marjorie Brody

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