Would You Like Your Business Writing to be More Clear, Powerful and Persuasive?

Advanced Writing Techniques

Business communications still frequently depend on effective writing, even in this era of texting, instant messaging and tweeting. Concise, to-the-point writing makes a professional impression – and the reverse is also true.

Perhaps you know the basics of business writing, but want to increase the influence and effectiveness of your writing — taking it from OK to outstanding. Can you assess your writing from readers’ point of view, to determine how they will “hear” your message? Do you know how to be more powerful and more persuasive in your writing?

BRODY’s Advanced Writing Techniques is a flexible and interactive program, with content that can be adapted to clients’ specific writing needs, whether sales, project reports, or preparing recommendations to members of senior management.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…

• Identify key principles & best practices for developing effective business messages
• Connect their message with a business story
• Tailor their message based on stakeholder priorities
• Use a map to plan an effective business message
• Incorporate various writing templates for different situations
• Maximize headings, bullet points, and parallel sentence structure for greater clarity
• Follow an efficient process to plan, write, and edit a document
• Improve messages by evaluating writing from the reader’s point of view

Target Audience:

• Individual contributors who write reports and regular updates
• Those who write to managers one or more levels above them
• Those who write to decision makers or executives, inside or outside of an organization


Writing samples sent to BRODY trainer before program, to review and incorporate into classroom exercises (can remain anonymous).


• Review S.C.O.R.E. Method™ to write with less stress and more success
• Learn a powerful way to organize material — message mapping example
• Identify techniques to add clarity, power, and impact for writing and when editing
• Evaluate paragraphs completed during the course of the program
• Multiple practice activities


Customized workbook and Write It Right: Business Writing for Results “mini”
book by Marjorie Brody

Ensure your business writing is more clear, powerful and persuasive—contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688 to find out more about our advanced business writing course!