Utilize Networking to Build Strategic Relationships for Organizational and Career Success

Networking: Building Strategic Relationships

We’d all like to believe we’re judged solely on our work performance and what we know. If only that were enough to take our careers where we want them to go.

But the fact is, who you know and who knows you also matters.

Building strong relationships with advocates and strategic partners, both internally and externally (face to face and virtually), is a savvy career approach. This allows you to help your company meet its goals while you meet yours. It requires building a network of support within your organization, your industry and your community.

This BRODY program teaches the strategy behind building an effective network and the tactics to make it happen. The ultimate goal: creating mutually beneficial relationships for organizational and career success.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…
• Take a strategic and goal-based approach to creating relationships that advance their company and departmental objectives
• Identify when and where to network internally
• Define and employ the networking process, including: self-introductions, creating conversation, working a room, and asking for internal referrals
• Learn effective follow-up techniques
• Use social media as a networking tool

Target Audience:

Everyone! Because, you can’t do it alone.


• Internal networking defined
• Mapping your current internal network
• Taking a strategic approach to internal networking
• Making contact
• Building the relationship and following up
• Working a room; nuts and bolts of meeting and greeting
• Using technology to expand your network


customized workbook and Ignite Your Personal Brand: Create Positive Visibility “mini” book by Marjorie Brody

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