Craft Purposeful, Reader-Focused Documents to Ensure Your Business Writing is Courteous, Concise and Correct

Business Writing for Results

Your ideas are notable, but turning them into actual written notes can be a real challenge. How do you take that jumble of thoughts or scribbles and turn it into impactful writing that others can easily grasp? How should it be organized for the best clarity and flow? This is a common issue for creative and analytical professionals alike – and one that is easily correctable!

Learn to put your ideas together in an engaging, well-structured and clear manner. Professionals looking to improve the efficiency and impact of their writing will benefit from this interactive BRODY program

Learning Outcomes

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…

    • Identify key components of good business writing
    • Structure clear messages that attract readers’ attention
    • Follow templates to construct effective business messages
    • Reduce the time needed to write and edit using the S.C.O.R.E. Method™
    • Align their writing with an appropriate professional style
    • Consider their writing in the context of their professional relationships
    • Fine tune personal style
    • Edit and evaluate the effectiveness of their writing
    • Understand the do’s and don’ts of e-mail messages and etiquette

Target Audience:

Entry-level professionals and individual contributors who communicate by e-mail, write to peers, within or across departmental lines, or have customer contact


Writing samples sent to BRODY trainer before program, to review and incorporate into classroom exercises (can remain anonymous).


• Establish criteria for good, written messages
• Review guidelines for focus
• Learn the SCORE method to writing with less stress and more success
• Use strategies for effective e-mail communication
• Learn a systematic approach for editing
• Practice activities
o Review “before and after” examples of business writing
o Establish criteria for good written messages, then evaluate your message against these criteria
o Write a message using the SCORE template
o Edit a message for clarity and conciseness


Customized workbook and Write It Right: Business Writing for Results “mini” book Marjorie Brody

Optional Follow Up: 

We also recommend optional one-on-one follow-up sessions, providing   participants with individual attention. This coaching occurs four to eight weeks after the regular program, either in person or via e-mail. Follow-up coaching consists of one half hour of intensive review of samples of each participant

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