Provide Your Managers with the Coaching Skills Needed to Make Them and Their Organization More Successful

Coach with Courage, Clarity and Conviction

Coaching involves so much more than just giving feedback and advice. It’s a vital part of creating a successful team and helping its members and direct reports grow to achieve greater success.

Coaching with courage means offering coaching when it isn’t easy or comfortable.

Coaching with clarity means saying the right thing and asking the right questions of the right people at the right time, in the right manner.

Coaching with conviction means knowing the importance of coaching, along with how to give feedback/advice that will make an individual — and a company — more successful.

BRODY’s program addresses the four main reasons managers find coaching direct reports so difficult:
• Fear
• Time
• Assumptions
• Don’t know how

This interactive session helps managers and reluctant coaches eliminate these excuses. Participants practice different coaching models that can be applied to their particular work situations.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…
• Tackle the fear factor
• Manage their time, implementing regular coaching sessions
• Eliminate assumptions that stop people from giving feedback
• Ask questions that get people thinking differently
• Give specific, constructive feedback – eliminating the “I don’t know how” excuse

Target Audience:

Those who manage others and are tasked with providing feedback and coaching


• Benefits of coaching
• Techniques to eliminate fear
• Addressing faulty assumptions
• Techniques to make time for coaching
• Review of coaching models
• Practice coaching

Materials Include:

Customized workbook and Courageous Coaching: Everyone Wins “mini” book by Marjorie Brody

What People Are Saying

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