Do You Know How to Engage Your Audience Effectively?

Creative and Engaging FacilitationCreative and Engaging Facilitation

There’s nothing worse than a meeting where no one participates — unless it’s a meeting
where one aggressive “meeting hog” takes over and won’t stop.

If you facilitate internal meetings, you know full participation is vital for the meeting to be productive, and for team members to leave feeling they’ve made an important contribution.

But sometimes it’s difficult to get attendees to participate … and even more difficult to
keep control of the meeting once they do.

How can you motivate open discussion and elicit relevant questions?

How do you ensure a genuine dialogue, where attendees’ contributions are heard?

BRODY’s Creative & Engaging Facilitations provides meeting leaders with resourceful and innovative techniques to keep attendees engaged and meetings effective and multiple opportunities to practice.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to …
• Facilitate group discussions effectively and confidently
• Identify and apply critical planning elements for successful facilitation
• Stimulate discussion and prompt relevant questions from their audience
• Field questions with confidence, while handling challenging or aggressive members and situations with ease

Target Audience:

Anyone who is responsible for leading internal meetings


• Elements of a successful game plan for facilitation
• Techniques to generate group discussion & participation
• Behaviors that are discussion “killers” and how to avoid them
• 10 techniques for handling questions and keeping the discussion on track
• Dealing with difficult participants
• Presenting off the cuff
• Techniques for virtual meetings


Customized workbook and Critical Communications: Strategies for Success “mini” book by Marjorie Brody

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