What if There Was an Insurance Package for All of Your
Most Important Meetings?

IC=Individual Contributors
We understand the impact effective meetings have on your meeting outcomes and overall success. That’s why BRODY Professional Development is dedicated to providing the insurance package your important meetings need—through facilitation and meeting effectiveness training.

Facilitation and Meeting Effectiveness Training Programs

Strategies For Highly Effective MeetingsStrategies for Highly Effective Meetings (L, M, IC)

Discover how to plan and facilitate effective meetings, using BRODY’s five-step approach, to further strategy and make an immediate impact.


Creative and Engaging FacilitationCreative and Engaging Facilitation (L, M, IC)

This program will give meeting leaders creative techniques to keep the meeting going, and attendees engaged.


Make Your Voice Heard at MeetingsMake Your Voice Heard at Meetings (M, IC)

Do you find yourself waving your hand to be recognized, or trying to make recommendations only to be cut off or discounted at meetings? Or perhaps you feel intimidated due to dominating personalities? This program will make your voice heard!


Train the TrainerTrain the Trainer (M)

BRODY’s Train the Trainer program gives subject matter experts the tools, techniques, and confidence to develop and facilitate learner-centered training sessions.


BRODY Professional Development Webinar Training Programs

Get the insurance package your most important meetings need — contact BRODY directly at (215) 886-1688 to find out more about our facilitation and meeting effectiveness training programs! For continuous training and long-term support, we invite your organization or corporate university to participate in our transformational BRODY Strategic Continuum.