Discover Everything You Need to Effectively Talk with Members of the Media

Media Training: How to Work the Press

Being interviewed by the media – whether for print, radio, TV or online — can be stressful if you are unprepared.

BRODY’s Media Training program provides experience and insight on how to artfully and strategically handle any media interview. Whether your media interview is part of crisis control, or sharing more general company information, developing a powerful message that resonates — and delivering it well—is critical.

Learning Outcomes

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…:
• Get inside reporters’ minds to understand how they think
• Frame their message to connect with their target audience
• Control the interview rather than letting a savvy reporter control them
• Adjust on the fly; pivot and bridge to their message from any question
• Master the art of the sound bite with a powerful, confident delivery
• Handle the toughest questions and any media requests

Target Audience:

Anyone who currently deals with the media, or may in the future

• Media questionnaire to be completed by all participants
• Designated company representative suggests topics/starter questions appropriate for each participant

• Understand a reporter’s mindset — what he or she looks for, and doesn’t want
• Determine the “real” target audience
• Message development
• Bridging and pivoting techniques
• Handling tough questions
• Delivery dynamics: using body language and voice for impact
• Up to three mock interviews, which are videotaped and critiqued


Customized workbook, IMPACT! Deliver Presentations That Get Results by Marjorie Brody; and Powerful Presentations: Messages that Move & Matter “mini” book by Bill Steele and Marjorie Brody; and jump drives that include presentation planning sheets and a 12-part video featuring Marjorie Brody: “Presentation Skills Pitfalls”

Do you know how to talk to the media in any situation? Contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688 to find out more about our media training program.