Influence Others at Any Level, Whether You Manage or Supervise Teams, You Can Still Persuade and Be Successful

Influencing With & Without Authority

How do you influence stakeholders, or members of your team, to do their part, agree with your decisions, or take a particular course of action?

Influencing requires leadership, an understanding of human behavior, and strategic application of influencing techniques.

This BRODY program helps participants develop a greater awareness and mastery of how to influence others, using a strategic planning approach. Learning is enhanced through practice and exercises related to specific influencing scenarios identified by the participants.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…:
• Recognize influence requirements for current and future initiatives
• Leverage the building blocks of influence
• Use tools and techniques to clarify stakeholder positions
• Communicate their “ask” persuasively
• Use The Influence Planning Guide to analyze and prepare to engage
• Apply influence skills to build support for organizational initiatives

Target Audience:

Individuals who want to improve their influencing skills, specifically in areas where they must influence without authority – for example: project managers, team leads, cross-functional team participants, etc.


Participants bring an influence opportunity to develop during the session.


• Define “Influencing”
• Recognize different types of influence
• Explore logical and emotional appeals
• Examine and leverage the building blocks of influence (CRC2 model)
• Plan and deliver a persuasive presentation
• Utilize The Influence Planning Guide to analyze and prepare to engage


customized workbook and People, Projects & Progress: Influence Without Authority “mini” book by Marjorie Brody

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