Developing Leadership Presence to Energize, Relate to and Engage Your Team, Senior Leaders and Clients

Leadership Presence: Inspire Trust, Confidence & Credibility

Leadership Presence
What makes someone a truly inspiring leader, one people want to follow? Is it charisma? Confidence? Integrity? Authenticity?

Many people believe that leaders are born, not made, but research has shown conclusively that leadership traits can be learned and honed through practice. Isn’t it time to step up and take your place as a leader in your field?

Unlock and unblock your leadership presence with this highly interactive BRODY workshop by harnessing your personal communication style to project confidence, authority, and authenticity. Gain the power to energize those within your sphere of influence, and more effectively engage team members, senior leaders and clients.

Learning Outcomes:

The modules in this workshop will enable participants to:
• Be present in the moment to control emotions and increase flexibility
• Create connections and enhance relationships through listening and empathy
• Project confidence through body language and voice
• Present themselves and their ideas with impact
• Frame their communication for better outcomes
• Think on their feet or seat, while projecting credibility and poise
• Be inspirational, move others to purpose, to embrace change and do great things

Target Audience:

Leaders and emerging leaders who need to project authenticity, confidence and credibility.


• Traits and characteristics associated with Leadership Presence.
• Leadership presence – individual assessment
• Being present (physically and mentally)
• Being connected (creating connections and enhancing relationships through listening and empathy)
• Be expressive (framing your communication)
• Be inspirational
o knowing yourself and your values
o sharing values through storytelling


customized workbook; other exercises; and Leadership Presence: The Influential Intangible, “mini” book by Marjorie Brody and Amy Glass

Energize, relate to and engage your team, senior leaders and clients by developing leadership presence—contact BRODY Professional Development directly at
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