Improve Your Team’s Business Communications by Building Strong Listening Skills

Listen, Learn & Earn

Our success — every day and in every situation — depends on earning peoples’ trust, respect, and business.

Nothing moves forward until we have relationships based on credibility, rapport, and shared learning. Good listening skills are an essential ingredient on the path to building such relationships.

Effective listening and the art of probing questions are the “forgotten” skills at the heart of powerful communications and business and personal relationships.

Fortunately, they are skills that can be learned and improved.

This dynamic, interactive BRODY program includes an easy-to-remember process for application, demonstrations, a variety of useful tools, and eye-opening (or should we say ear-opening) practice exercises.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…
• Use good listening skills to increase credibility, trust, and learning, both inside and outside of the office
• Identify their personal strengths and developmental needs in listening
• Recognize common behaviors that stop effective communication in its tracks
• Apply key listening behaviors that promote understanding and build rapport
• Define the five approaches to listening and determine how to choose the most appropriate approach for every situation
• Ask probing questions to increase comprehension and connection
• Apply listening techniques to learn, resulting in better and more collaborative decisions

Target Audience:

Individuals and teams looking to improve listening skills to build relationships characterized by credibility, rapport, and success — in both business and interpersonal environments


1. Review the 4 Steps to Listening and Overall Communication

2. Recognize Techniques to Minimize Internal and External Barriers to Listening

3. Develop Appropriate Listening Strategies to:
• Comprehend
• Connect
• Empathize
• Paraphrase
• Probe

4. Practice Questioning Techniques for:
• Open questions
• Closed questions
• Layered questions

5. Final Project Putting the Pieces Together

Materials Include:

customized workbook, Listen Up! The Most Used, Most Abused, Least Taught Communication Skill “mini” book by Marjorie Brody, Communication Planning Guide, and Learning Capture Worksheet

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