Develop Your Business Meeting Communication Skills to Help Your Bring Your Ideas and Contributions to the Table

Make Your Voice Heard at Meetings

Ideally, meetings are a time for presenting new ideas, sharing expertise, making important decisions, steering the direction of the company, and asserting tough leadership. They can be career makers – or breakers.

Meetings work best when everyone fully participates and each person’s contributions are recognized … but how can you make sure your voice is heard?

Do you find yourself waving your hand to speak, feeling like you’re back in school?

Do you try to make recommendations, only to be cut off or discounted by others?

Do you stumble over your words, unable to present your thoughts assertively and articulately?

Or, are you intimidated by all the other dominating personalities jockeying for position?

BRODY’s Make Your Voice Heard at Meetings helps you bring your ideas and contributions to the table with self-assurance, using specific techniques, practice, and confidence-building exercises.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…
• Work productively in meetings, even with ineffective facilitators
• Become a catalyst for creative thinking and demonstrate thought leadership
• Deal effectively with meeting “hogs” who speak over others, and other aggressive fellow attendees
• Become more assertive and articulate
• Play a role in how the meeting is run, even when not in a position of leadership

Target Audience:

Anyone who wants his or her verbal contributions to be more fully recognized


• The importance of being assertive
• The difference between being passive, assertive and aggressive
• Organizational aspects of assertiveness
• Personal aspects of assertiveness
• Persuasive strategies
• Numerous experiential activities, self-assessment


Customized workbook and Critical Communications: Strategies for Success “mini” book by Marjorie Brody

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