Apply Conflict Management Strategies to Move from
Conflict to Collaboration

Move from Conflict to Collaboration

Where there are humans, there will be conflict; that’s a given. It’s how we handle that conflict that makes a difference. When it comes to conflict in the workplace, do you avoid it like the plague, or jump right in with guns blazing?

How you handle conflicts and differences of opinions shows a lot about your leadership abilities. Poorly handled conflict can wreak havoc on your team’s productivity and morale. Well-handled conflict can strengthen a workplace, allowing space for team members to disagree and yet still bring them closer together.

This BRODY program teaches you to manage disagreements effectively and confidently. You’ll learn powerful tactics to transform workplace conflicts into productive resolutions — the best, most effective strategies for turning conflict into collaboration.

Learning Outcomes

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…:
• Recognize the benefits of constructive disagreement and differentiate disagreement from destructive conflict
• Choose the most appropriate conflict management strategy
• Use communication/listening skills to clear up misunderstandings and build trust
• Prepare for conflict by uncovering misleading assumptions and clarifying issues, priorities and relationships
• Manage their own and others’ emotional reactions

Target Audience:

People at any level who want to manage conflict more effectively


• Distinguishing between disagreement and conflict
• Benefits of constructive disagreement
• Identification of conflict challenges participants face
• Cross-cultural considerations
• Case study: analyzing a conflict
• Conflict discussion mindset keys
• Managing your and the other party’s emotional response
• Uncovering and testing assumptions, with practice
• Locating larger, common goals
• Transfer of learnings to actual conflict


Customized workbook and Critical Communications: Strategies for Success“mini” book by Marjorie Brody

Can be combined with “Understanding Behavioral Styles,” “Winning Negotiations: Strategies for Success” or “Building Influential Client Relationships” programs.

Utilize conflict management strategies to move from conflict to collaboration—contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688 to find out more!