Building Strategic Relationships is Key to Your Professional Success!

IC=Individual Contributors
Experienced professionals recognize the importance of building strategic relationships to their career success. That’s where our relationship management expertise
comes in!

Relationship Management Training Programs

Influencing Without AuthorityInfluencing With & Without Authority (M, IC)

Being able to influence others when you don’t have immediate authority is an essential skillset. Participants will develop greater awareness and mastery of how to influence others using a strategic planning approach.


Leadership PresenceLeadership Presence: Inspire Trust, Confidence, & Credibility (L, M, IC)

This one-day BRODY workshop will show you how to gain the power to energize those within your sphere of influence, and more effectively relate to — and engage — your team members, senior leaders and clients. A two-day option is also available.


Move From Conflict to CollaborationMove from Conflict to Collaboration (L, M, IC)

This BRODY program will teach you how to manage disagreements effectively and confidently, and how to apply powerful tactics to transform workplace conflicts into resolutions.


Coach with Courage, Clarity & ConvictionCoach with Courage, Clarity & Conviction (L, M)

Marjorie Brody’s program addresses the four reasons why managers say giving coaching to direct reports can be so difficult: fear, time, assumptions, and don’t know how.


Listen, Learn & Earn (M, IC)

Participants will develop a greater awareness and mastery of how to transform their communication interactions through a more strategic approach to listening. Results from an optional on-line listening assessment can help achieve this.


Building Strong TeamsBuilding Strong Teams (L, M)

Our facilitator works to gain an in-depth understanding of team dynamics, and customize every program to help the team grow stronger than the sum of its parts.


Understanding Behavioral StylesUnderstanding Behavioral Styles (L, M, IC)

This BRODY workshop uses an online DISC behavioral assessment to give participants a unique opportunity to gain insight into their own dominant style, and how they click or clash with other styles.


Create a Culture of AccountabilityCreate a Culture of Accountability (L, M, IC)

This Marjorie Brody training program will help create a culture of accountability to invigorate your team’s commitment and passion.


Ignite Your Personal BrandIgnite Your Personal Brand (M, IC)

Marjorie Brody’s Personal Branding program gives you the tools, tenacity, and motivation you need to build your personal brand within your organization and industry — achieving greater professional success and recognition as a result.


Building Influential Client RelationshipsBuilding Influential Client Relationships (L, M, IC)

Looking for a strategy to help deepen the impact and influence you have on your client relationships? Then this interactive workshop, paired with an online Personal Values Assessment, is the right solution to gain a competitive advantage.


Winning NegotiationsWinning Negotiations: Strategies for Success (L, M, IC)

The tips, strategies, and techniques shared in this session will help you become a confident negotiator with internal and external customers – to create a win-win solution.


Professional ImpressionsProfessional Impressions (M, IC)

Every time you come into contact with someone, you are making an impression. The question is … what is that impression?


Networking: Building Strategic RelationshipsNetworking: Building Strategic Relationships (M, IC)

BRODY’s program will teach you the strategy to networking in business, and building strategic relationships (in and out of your company) for organizational and career success.


Bridging the Generational GapBridging the Generational Gap (L, M)

This Amy Glass program will help your team effectively manage generations in the workplace to enhance team and organizational success.


BRODY Professional Development Webinar Training Programs

Ensure your career success by building strategic relationships—contact BRODY directly at (215) 886-1688 to find out more about our relationship management training programs! For continuous training and long-term support, we invite your organization or corporate university to participate in our transformational BRODY Strategic Continuum.