Equip Clinician and Other Healthcare Professionals with Strategies to Increase Their Influence and Professional Standing

Clinician Speaker Training: Speaking Skills for Key Opinion Leaders

Many medical educators are accomplished public speakers. But, if they’re representing clients with company-provided slide decks, they’ll need to hone the key points and present this new information in the most effective way — while staying mindful of relevant regulatory considerations and guidelines.

We help healthcare professionals polish their speaking skills and create powerful, effective presentations with the slide decks provided by client partners – by integrating that slide deck right into the training.

BRODY’s Clinician Speaker Training is the first choice for leading Medical Educators and their Pharmaceutical Partners. Our proven track record ensures the ability to increase both their influence and professional stature. BRODY’s Clinician Speaker Training has become a fixture of many faculty update meetings. We know your clinical audience … its challenges and expectations.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…:
• Own any presentation using BRODY’s Seven Steps to Taking Ownership of a Slide Deck
• Employ their newly polished skills to connect with each audience member
• Command attention and gain immediate respect by projecting with strength and confidence
• Stimulate interaction & guide discussion to enhance core message impact/retention
• Craft key responses, fine-tuned to encourage questions & manage challenging ones

Target Audience:

Clinicians and other healthcare KOLs


• Seven steps to taking ownership of a slide deck
• Handling questions
• Platform skills
• Facilitative presenting techniques
• Responding as an opinion leader


Customized workbook, IMPACT! Deliver Presentations That Get Results by Marjorie Brody; and Powerful Presentations: Messages that Move & Matter “mini” book by Bill Steele and Marjorie Brody; and jump drives that include presentation planning sheets and a 12-part video featuring Marjorie Brody: “Presentation Skills Pitfalls”

If your objective is to solidify relationships with your healthcare practitioners and ensure strategic messages resonate with prescribers, contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688 to discuss tailoring a workshop to the needs of your physician speakers.