Virtual Presentations and Meetings are a Whole Different Ballgame—Find Out How to Keep Your Virtual Audience Engaged, Excited and Wanting More

The e-Vantage: Strategies for Delivering Content Virtually

Keeping a virtual audience engaged and energized can be challenging even for the most seasoned presenter.

BRODY created The e-Vantage to address this challenge. This interactive, three-step program offers virtual delivery strategies and techniques designed to connect and engage with remote, out-of-sight audience members. In keeping with its virtual focus, each of its components is conducted virtually so that best practices can be modeled by the BRODY facilitator and the participants can practice in the format they need to master.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…
• Plan presentations that make best use of the virtual format
• Engage audience members immediately and hold that engagement
• Maintain a strong, personal connection despite the physical separation
• Confidently navigate the virtual environment, making best use of the available tools
• Generate and consistently maintain the involvement of audience members
• Utilize a strong vocal delivery style that holds attention

Target Audience:

Individuals who lead virtual meetings or who present virtually


Step 1 – Pre-Work Reading
Participants are provided with reading material about virtual presenting. This material lays down a foundational understanding in advance of the Step 2 webinar.

Step 2 – Group Webinar
“Virtual Presentation Skills Best Practices” is a live 60- to 90-minute webinar that builds on the pre-reading and thoroughly explains what every virtual presenter needs to know. This webinar also acts as a best-practices model and provides a forum in which participants can get all their questions about virtual presenting answered.
• This session is recorded and archived for view until Step 3 is completed.
• This session is produced on the Client’s platform, with a client-supplied producer.

Step 3 – Coached Practice
A day of 90-minute virtual coaching sessions is scheduled. Each session involves three of the participants. With 10-minute presentations they have prepared in advance, participants log on, practice their virtual delivery skills, and receive both peer feedback and professional coaching from the BRODY facilitator.

The small-group, 90-minute format provide each participant with significant personal attention and insight into how best to continue improving as a virtual presenter. Following the coaching sessions, the BRODY facilitator provides the three participants with e-mail re-caps of their coaching. (Note: Coaching sessions can be conducted on the client’s virtual meeting platform or BRODY’s WebEx platform.)


Customized workbook, Speaking is an Audience-Centered Sport by Marjorie Brody; and Powerful Presentations: Messages that Move & Matter “mini” book by Bill Steele and Marjorie Brody

Find out how to keep your remote virtual audience engaged, excited and wanting more throughout your virtual presentation or meeting—contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688.