Plan and Facilitate Effective Meetings that Further Strategy and Have Immediate Impact

Strategies for Highly Effective Meetings

Another tedious, unproductive meeting. What a waste!

Research shows 53% of corporate meeting time is wasted. Imagine what could be accomplished if meetings were harnessed to drive progress, share innovative ideas, find brilliant solutions to problems, and ignite the creative energy of your team.

Meetings can be engaging, efficient and productive.

There’s no time to waste! This BRODY session teaches you to plan and facilitate effective meetings that further strategy, enhance creative flow and teamwork, and have immediate impact.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to …
• Use the BRODY 5-Step Facilitation Process to successfully move a group from idea generation to agreement and action
• Create actionable meeting objectives and agendas that lead to deliverables versus discussion
• Choose the appropriate level of decision making to strengthen the commitment of participants
• Apply stakeholder analyses to prevent meeting derailment and deepen buy-in
• Ensure balanced participation from all participants
• Deal with challenging meeting behaviors and situations

Target Audience:

Formal or informal leaders who need to conduct meetings that further strategy and create results


• Identify the purpose of meetings (information, problem-solving, decision-making)
• A framework for successful meetings
• Pre-launch steps — what to do to prepare for a successful meeting
• Launching – getting started, techniques for encouraging participation and handling challenging behaviors
• Navigate — techniques to clarify, prioritize and evaluate solutions
• Landing — tools and techniques for reaching agreement
• Participants plan a meeting, select tools to use from the launch, navigate and land phases, and facilitate a short meeting, followed by group feedback. Then they create an action plan.


customized workbook, and Stop Wasting Time: Make Meetings Matter! “mini” book by Marjorie Brody

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