Trainers: Enhance Your Facilitation Skills and Platform Skills

Train the Trainer

Your material may be brilliant, and program designed with the utmost care. You also may genuinely desire to teach the content — so your trainees really “get it.” But, are they “getting it” as quickly and thoroughly as they could?

Even the best-designed training course will fall short if your teaching approach does, too. Effective teaching is a combination of excellent material and excellent presentation skills – designed for an adult learner.

This BRODY workshop is designed to enhance the skills of trainers and other subject matter experts. Emphasis is placed on those skills needed to conduct group classroom instruction.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…
• Develop learner-centered activities to stimulate learner interaction
• Select methods to facilitate effective group participation and interaction
• Establish a positive learning climate and increase audience motivation
• Create a strong impression through strong platform skills
• Use effective questioning techniques to stimulate discussion
• Manage group dynamics and the group involvement process
• Develop strategies to deal with difficult people and/or situations
• Provide constructive coaching principles to any situation

Target Audience:

Individuals seeking to improve their training delivery techniques and become comfortable using these skills in upcoming training initiatives


• Role of trainer/coach/facilitator
• Trainer skills competencies and characteristics
• Principles of adult learning
• Techniques to enhance learner retention
• Platform skills, including use of PowerPoint
• Facilitation skills to create and manage participation
• The art of questioning
• Managing logistics
• Dealing with difficult behaviors
• Multiple practice sessions (optional videotaping)


Customized workbook, Speaking is an Audience-Centered Sport by Marjorie Brody; Powerful Presentations: Messages that Move & Matter ”mini” book by Bill Steele and Marjorie Brody, and jump drives (if videotaped)

Trainers can enhance their facilitation and presentation skills—contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688 to discuss our Train the Trainer program!