Improve Your Business Communication Skills to Reduce Misunderstandings, Be More Productive and Have More Successful Relationships

Understanding Behavioral Styles

Understanding Behavioral StylesWhat’s your style? Your behavioral style, that is. Understanding behavioral styles – both yours and others – greatly enhances the ability to communicate, collaborate, negotiate, and persuade.

A thorough, practical understanding of behavioral styles is one of the savvy professional’s secret weapons.

This BRODY workshop provides participants with a unique opportunity to gain insight into their own dominant behavioral style, and how they click or clash with other styles. The result? Reduced misunderstandings and more productive, successful relationships with clients, colleagues and cross-functional teams.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…
• Appreciate the critical role of, and differences among, behavioral styles
• Understand their own dominant behavioral styles and the related strengths/risks
• Identify others’ behavioral styles and adapt their own to be more effective at communicating, motivating, persuading, and working together

Target Audience:

Virtually every individual in an organization will benefit from the insight and skills learned. Teams learn how to work better together and leverage the diversity of members as strengths.


Participants take an online DISC behavioral assessment and receive a 26-page personalized report.


• Understand the Role of Behavioral Styles
o How the DISC Model Works
o Characteristics of the 4 Behavioral Styles
• Identification of Own Dominant Styles
• The Interaction of Styles
o Natural vs. Adapted Style and Strengths/Risks of Each
o Adapting to Situational Need and Other Styles
o Reading Clues to Others’ Dominant Styles
• Application and Transfer to the Job


customized workbook, online DISC assessment, and Critical Communications: Strategies for Success “mini book” by Marjorie Brody

Can be combined with “Building Influential Client Relationships,” “Winning Negotiations: Strategies for Success” or “Move From Conflict to Collaboration” programs.

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