Negotiation Strategies, Tips and Techniques to
Help You Succeed

Winning Negotiations: Strategies for Success

Do you have colleagues who consistently land the best new clients and the biggest deals … with ease? Do you think they’re either lucky, or they just have that certain something that comes naturally?

That certain something is likely good negotiation skills, combined with the confidence to use them. That can be you.

Successful negotiating is a skill that, once learned, can be immediately applied to all aspects of your work and personal dealings.

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who complete this program will be better able to…
• Manage the competitive and collaborative aspects of negotiations with confidence and ease
• Recognize the strengths of their unique negotiating style, and apply them to create a win-win
• Use the negotiating styles of their most demanding clients and vendors to establish mutually beneficial agreements
• Understand the power of identifying interests, instead of positions
• Practice behaviors and principles to improve their negotiating skills
• Learn and apply a structural and behavioral model for collaborative negotiations

Target Audience:

Individuals who negotiate — both internally and externally — with clients, colleagues and vendors


• Definition of negotiations
• Power of negotiation
• Identifying competitive and self-interested behaviors
• Managing the competitive process – claiming value
• Planning for collaborative negotiations
• Collaborative and relationship-building behaviors
• Adding creativity to the process
• Participants have multiple practice sessions and role plays to:
o Express demands and trades
o Ask probing questions
o Practice collaborative behaviors


Customized workbook and People, Projects & Progress: Influence Without Authority and Critical Communications: Strategies for Success “mini” books by Marjorie Brody; if full day, DISC assessment

Can be combined with “Understanding Behavioral Styles,” “Building Influential Client Relationships” or “Move From Conflict to Collaboration” programs.

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