BRODY Professional Development Webinars

Live, Interactive, Cost-Effective Multimedia Training Events

BRODY Professional Development Webinars

BRODY Professional Development WebinarsBRODY Professional Development’s webinars are live, interactive, cost-effective, multimedia training events. You’ll experience dynamic visual aids in sync with the presentation, downloadable handouts, and live web chat with a BRODY subject matter expert. Participants take part in these 60- to 75-minute webinars via the Internet and phone.

Whether you are an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner, webinars provide a highly recommended – and proven – opportunity to learn and continue your professional development.

A Sampling of Available BRODY Webinar Training Programs

Don’t Deck ‘Em

This webinar focuses on the effective planning and design of slide decks, and helps the presenter make the slides (and message) come alive to the audience — creating lasting impact.


Marjorie Brody’s accountability webinar will help create a culture of accountability to invigorate your team’s commitment and passion.

Business Storytelling

BRODY’s “Business Storytelling” webinar will help participants discover how to tell stories effectively, ultimately improving their overall communication and leadership skills.

Mastering the Message: Create Messages with Impact That Resonate

This presentation skills webinar is designed to help you impress and persuade even the toughest audiences, including senior leadership and other executives.

To find out about other topics, learn more about one of the webinars above, or to schedule a session, contact us at (215) 886-1688.  For continuous training and long-term support, we invite your organization or corporate university to participate in our transformational BRODY Strategic Continuum.