NEW! BRODY Learning Burst Series

How often do you want to provide a truly great learning experience for your 30-60 minute lunch-and-learn meetings … or your team meetings … or even as a pull-through after an on-site training program or webinar? If your company is like most, all the time.

And if that’s the case, you may not have the budget to bring in highly acclaimed speakers for every one of these events. And the “free speakers” or “cheap speakers” hardly seem worth your time.
Problem solved! You’re going to love our newest training initiative, BRODY Learning Burst Series.

It’s “training in a box” which can be used for all of these situations.

You’re going to love it. It’s simple, practical, powerful, and affordable … and it really works!

Here’s what two clients had to say about the Learning Burst Series:

“I love the ease of the Learning Bursts for employee training. Everything is already done for me. Our employees love the relevant topics and group discussion. Thanks so much for introducing us to this terrific series!” — Arbill

“Every month, our team refreshes with a new Learning Burst topic — the content is relevant and immediately consumed and applied! This is a great series for integrating training into a fast-paced work environment.” — Genentech

Watch Marjorie Brody, BRODY’s President & CEO, explain more about this exciting new offering…

There are 12 professional development topics in the series, one per month, with each including:

• A 30-minute archived webinar, which encourages participant discussion and interaction throughout the session.
• A PDF of the webinar’s PowerPoint slides, to use for notes during the webinar and subsequent team conversation.
• A “mini” book from BRODY’s “Your Competitive Advantage” series which supports and gives more detail on each subject … and can be used back on the job.
• A discussion guide which recommends topics for conversation and activities to reinforce the learning, and also helps the leader make the series more effective for group/team learning.
• An introductory webinar featuring Marjorie Brody sharing best practices and “how-tos” so the sessions are more effective.

How does this initiative differ from other learning libraries (asynchronous learning)?

It is specifically developed for groups/teams of up to 20 people to learn together using internal resources to lead the discussion.

Click here to download a file with more information, including frequently asked questions about this offering and pricing.

The Learning Burst Series includes the following topics:

• Influencing without Authority
• Conversing with Difficult People
• Ensuring Effective Meetings
• Improving Business Writing
• Mastering Presentation Skills
• Enhancing Listening Skills
• Creating Leadership Presence
• Demonstrating Accountability
• Managing Critical Conversations
• Coaching with Courage
• Bridging Generational Gaps
• Igniting Your Personal Brand

Accompanied by the 10 “mini” books in the “Your Competitive Advantage” series:

• Influence Without Authority … People, Projects & Progress
• Critical Communications: Strategies for Success
• Powerful Presentations: Messages that Move & Matter
• Write it Right: Business Writing for Results
• Ignite Your Personal Brand: Create Positive Visibility
• Listen Up! The Most Used & Abused, Least Taught Communication Skill
• Leadership Presence: The Influential Intangible
• No Excuses! Create a Culture of Accountability
• Courageous Coaching: Everyone Wins
• Stop Wasting Time: Make Meetings Matter!

Learning Burst Webinar Sample from Marjorie Brody

You can listen to a webinar sample of what participants will hear during each monthly virtual session. Marjorie Brody shares a sample of her “Create a Culture of Accountability” session.

The 10-mini-book series “Your Competitive Advantage” is also for sale individually or discounted as a complete set.

To further support you/your team, contact BRODY at 215-886-1688 or e-mail