About BRODY Pro

Partnering with Your Organization to Deliver Customized, Cutting-Edge, Highly Experiential Training

Senior BRODY Facilitators


All BRODY trainers go through a rigorous screening and training process to become certified BRODY facilitators. They work independently, and in teams, to customize and deliver cutting-edge, highly experiential training workshops at client sites and conference centers around the globe.

Every BRODY trainer brings extensive experience working with an array of industries and audience types, from sales reps to scientists. With an incredible knack for understanding each group’s unique culture, BRODY trainers create a workshop environment that is engaging and practical.

Additional U.S. BRODY Senior Facilitators

  • Lynne Breil
  • Dr. Mike Brenner
  • Rae Cook
  • Myla DeLoatch, CSP
  • Jeff Garelik
  • John Getter
  • Ed McCarthy
  • Carol Rosenbaum
  • David Ruef



Ask us about our European, South American, and Asian training teams

For more information on these additional BRODY Facilitators or to obtain a facilitator’s biography, please contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688.