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Own Your Career Success: Know, Value & Build Your Talents

I read with great interest a article titled “6 Hidden Assumptions That Destroy Your Chances For Career Happiness.”

While I agreed with all of author Kathy Caprino’s points, it was Assumption 5 that really stuck in my mind:

Assumption 5: “Other people are more creative, talented, and innovative – I don’t have much to offer.”

It brought to mind a friend of mine – smart, attractive, quick, a hard worker, good at just about everything she tries, and yet, a person who insists she is not talented in any way. Do you know anyone like that? Perhaps, this may even describe you.

Here’s more of what Ms. Caprino said in her article:

“…I led a Find Your Passion and Impact the World With It workshop in New York City for a truly amazing group of teen girls ages 13- 18 for ThinkPeaceWorkshop, and we did an exercise where the girls were asked to address the question, What are your special talents?

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Training: Fix Skills Gap Impacting Manufacturers’/Others’ Success

I recently read yet another article about U.S. employers complaining that they have jobs available but can’t seem to find skilled workers to fill them.

Accenture posted a news release last month about a study it conducted with The Manufacturing Institute: “Skills Shortage Threatens Future Earnings and Growth Prospects of U.S. Manufacturers.”

Here’s the gist of Accenture’s report: U.S. manufacturers may be losing up to 11 percent of their annual earnings due to increased production costs as a result of the shortage of workers that have the necessary skills to get the job done right.

The study goes on for quite a while explaining the issues, but as I read it, to me the solution was entirely clear:

Instead of bemoaning the lack of skilled workers, allowing downtime increases of at least 5% because there’s no qualified staff to run/maintain equipment, and suffering with significant increases in overtime pay as skilled workers struggle to make up these shortcoming — why not simply offer training programs?

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Employee Satisfaction: The Cost of Hating Your Job is High

As a manager, are you excited to get to work each day, or are you in the same position as many of your staff –- bored and disgruntled?

Do you believe that what you are doing makes any difference at all?

According to a new article in, “Why You Hate Work,” many people in the United States, from every level within a company — right up to the CEO — are just not excited to get out of bed and go to work each morning.

What? Thousands of disaffected, unengaged workers who really don’t want to do the work they are being paid for? Sounds crazy, right?

It’s hard to imagine how this country can stay competitive in commerce with that type of scenario.

On a more personal level, the toll this takes on people must be very heavy, in terms of lack of energy, fading dreams, discontent and –- you guessed it –- stress.

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How to Deal With Difficult People — It’s About Communication Skills

Dealing with difficult people is a fact of life.

Unless you are a hermit or perhaps let anything life throws you roll off your back and not bat an eyelid, you will run into people on the job who will thwart you, confound you, frustrate you, infuriate you, stymie you, purposely get in your way, and just plain make you crazy.

You will run into people who see things completely differently than you, who do things in ways you don’t agree with and cannot understand, who seem to make it their life’s work to be … well, difficult. It’s also likely that you’ll have managers who are overly critical, coworkers who are lazy or disorganized, and clients who are unrealistic and overly demanding.

Are you nodding your head and sighing as you read this?

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Introducing BRODY’s Learning Burst Series – Training in a Box!

LBI strongly believe that although no one is perfect and never will be, continued personal and professional growth is a worthwhile and attainable goal.

Individuals or teams that continue growing professionally can continue offering greater and greater value to the organization, and find correspondingly more fulfillment at their jobs.

Our clients have asked us how they could continue their employees’ growth after our on-site training programs — at lunch-and-learn style meetings, or during their regular team meetings. In response to their desire to keep inspiring, honing, and expanding their teams’ abilities, BRODY is excited to launch its new Learning Burst Series. More details about this new offering, including a video explanation by Marjorie Brody and links to listen to demo webinars, can be found here.

Developed for groups of up to 20 people to learn together, the Learning Burst concept focuses on the increasingly important skills like: leadership, effective coaching, listening, influencing, business writing and presentation skills.

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