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Acceptable Business Casual Wardrobe for the Workplace; How Casual is Too Casual? (part 2 of 2)

In my last blog, I posted about summer workplace wardrobe faux pas.

Yes, many businesses relax their dress code in the summer, moving from business casual Fridays to business casual every-days.

This decision is usually met with cheers from the staff. Despite the increasing popularity of “business casual” dress codes, however, these businesses are still in the minority in U.S. corporate culture.

A recent Robert Half International survey of 508 U.S. employers revealed not-too-surprising results: A whopping 74 percent of the companies who responded do not relax their dress code in the summer.

According to Christopher Deane, a Norfolk Robert Half branch manager, “The response has a lot to do with whether they think that inappropriate clothing like sheer garments, flip-flops, sundresses or T-shirts would make it into the work force.

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