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Business Blunder Phrase to Avoid: “I Can’t Do That”

I came across a great article in the June 2013 issue of T + D Magazine titled, “Ten Career Tanking Phrases to Avoid Using in the Workplace,” which is not available online to non-subscribers.

It reiterated many of the business blunders I’ve shared in this blog, starting with this oldie but NEVER goodie: “I can’t do that.”

Whether you are a customer service/sales rep responding to a customer’s request or complaint, or you hold any other type of job, this uncooperative-sounding phrase is a non-starter guaranteed to immediately aggravate the person you’re speaking to.

Basically, this is the same as saying, “no” but with the word “can’t” thrown in for good measure — making it sound like the situation is completely out of your hands. It comes across as a sneaky way of passing the buck.

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Millennials vs. Boomers (and some Gen Xers): Bridge the Generation Gap for a Productive, Harmonious Workplace (Part 2 of 2)

If you have new hires that come from the generation called the Millennials (otherwise known as Generation Y), you might be shaking your head, wondering why they do the things they do and don’t do the things that you wish they’d do.

Well guess what?

There are always two sides to any gap, including the generation gap. The tenents of accountability demand that you — yes you, Baby Boomer (or Generation Xer) — take responsibility for bridging it!

Here are 5 tips for Bridging the Generation Gap in the Office (At home, you’re on your own.)

1. Learn new technologies. Hey Boomers, didn’t you know that learning keeps you young? The attitude of, “I’m not going to answer this text. If they need me, they should pick up the phone or come and find me in person” will get you nowhere.

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Coaching Direct Reports — Take Employees from Pipe Dream to Dream Team

Imagine if everyone on your team was as invested in the success of your business or department as in their own personal success. And going a step further, imagine if they all understood that those two were not separate, but congruent.

Let’s keep going …

Imagine a team without a single under-achiever, a team without any slackers, troublemakers, or malcontents. A team that ran on trust, respect, engagement, competence, excellence, and working toward a common goal.

Does this all sound like a pipe dream?

Well, what would you say if I said that you — as manager or department head — have a great deal to do with whether or not such a team is indeed possible, or just a figment of a frazzled imagination?

Yes, you!

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Coaching Direct Reports Effectively: A Secret for Business Success

The current BRODY newsletter is all about how sales managers can use field coaching reports to help their sales reps in the field become their very best. I want to expand a bit on some of the points made in the newsletter…

As a sales manager, part of your role is to help your direct reports grow, improve their skills, and develop the skills necessary to meet their personal and company sales goals. So, while you might be the “greatest salesman in the world” — that’s how you wound up as manager — your super-sales-skills may be quite different than those required to be a great manager or coach.

I know a man who could sell you swampland in the Florida Keys. Not only would he tell you flat out it was swampland, but, by the time he was finished with you, somehow you’d be convinced it was swampland you couldn’t live without.

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