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Accountability Starts With Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

The other day I was in the kitchen making lunch, when the building shook. I immediately asked my colleagues in the back office if they were OK – as the accompanying loud “thud” I heard sounded like it came from their offices.

They were both OK but looking out the windows.

I joined them in time to see a truck slowly moving forward, away from the lower ledge of our building that it had just backed into – pieces of our building’s white ledge crumbling down on his truck, which now had a huge gash on its top.

Wow. He had just hit our building hard enough to make it shake, rip up his roof, and make plaster crumble down on his truck. Surely he would park and enter the building, to call the landlord — taking responsibility for his accident, right?

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7 Strategies for Assertive Communication to Resolve Conflict

In my last blog post, I discussed conflict resolution in the workplace. You need to be assertive to succeed at managing conflict.

This skillset is particularly important if you are in conflict with someone who has a very strong or aggressive personality.

Assertiveness is a phenomenal skill to learn. The ability to be assertive — even with your manager or other higher level colleague – will give you the confidence to ask for what you need in all types of situations.

The trait of assertiveness has long been confused with aggressiveness, but they are coming from very different places. Aggressiveness comes from a place of fear, insecurity, and the belief that one must push others around to get what is needed.

Assertiveness, on the other hand, is based on healthy self-esteem and believing not just in your rights, but also those of others.

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7 Tips to Conquer Workplace Conflict & Turn Stress to Success

How do you handle conflict in the workplace?

Some people are combative, some are over-reactive, some are immediately on the offensive, some are evasive, some are defensive, and some have a private little meltdown in the supply closet or bathroom — then emerge pretending there is no such thing as conflict.

Will you let conflict in the workplace make your “9-to-5” a misery, or can you rise above it — or perhaps even channel the conflict into something positive?

After all, conflict in itself is not inherently negative, it merely signifies differences in opinions, beliefs, philosophies, and methodologies.

If you think of conflict as a catalyst for improvement, you’ll be well on your way to mastering it and reducing the level of stress that it can cause.

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