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Want to Develop Leadership Presence? Three Ways to Begin

Untitled-11 (3)A colleague’s daughter contacted me recently after being passed over twice for a choice promotion. She told me she really wanted to advance in the company, but didn’t seem to have what they were looking for.

“I’m responsible, easy to work with, and really good at my job,” she said to me.

“So what do you think is missing?” I asked … already knowing what she’d say.

She confirmed my suspicions: “I’m just not being perceived as a leader or someone who can effectively manage projects and teams.”

I believe that leadership presence is a combination of character traits and skills that can be learned. People must first identify — and embrace — their areas of strengths and opportunities for growth before embarking on a quest for leadership recognition.

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5 Small Talk Strategies to Build Business Relationships

At a recent business conference, I had the good fortune to meet many speakers whom I’d admired for a long time. There was one woman in particular that I was eager to chat with — I’d read two of her books, followed her blog and was fascinated by her career and accomplishments.

A mutual friend made an introduction in between workshops.

Within seconds, we were chatting about our respective client experiences in the healthcare and life sciences industries. Except, within moments I noticed something odd. I wasn’t chatting at all.

I couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

This woman took eye contact to new heights, with a laser focus that made me uncomfortable. I took an involuntary step back. She took a step forward, and leaned in even closer.

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Managers Take Note: Social Media Can Influence Your Hiring Or Promotion Decisions

contentSocial media can be a useful tool for managers when hiring, promoting or even assigning new projects.

Your job candidates or high potentials look great on paper, and present well in person, but does their professionalism extend to their online presence? Consider checking out their social media profiles and potential “digital footprint” on other sites as well.

A manager that I met at a woman’s networking event last month told me that she always “Googles” her candidates as part of her hiring process.

She explained, “They may ace my in-person interview, but how else can I truly tell if they are as responsible and mature as they convey in person? Easy, I check them out online!”

She said she specifically scours their Facebook and Twitter pages to see if they have provocative selfies alone or with friends and questionable activities or posts, and whether they’ve ever spoken badly about their current employers.

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3 Strategies to Avoid Career-Killing Behaviors & Mistakes

On-the-job mistakes and bad workplace behaviors can be costly. They could even cost you your job.

Often, it’s the new hires who need the most help navigating corporate politics and office dynamics – but not always. Even seasoned employees can have career-hurting missteps. Here’s a story of the former…

A colleague’s college-senior son – let’s call him James – had a prestigious summer internship at a fairly new marketing agency with an excellent reputation.

Since the company represented the exact type of place and job that he hoped to acquire after graduation, he was pretty excited. It had been implied that if things went well, James would be on a short list for employment the following spring when he graduated.

Unfortunately, things did not go well.

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Advocates Can Help Your Career

One of my past coaching clients recently reached out to me to reconnect. He was proud of his latest accomplishment — moving from a sales role to a marketing position within the same organization.

Greg felt he would have a better opportunity for advancement and less travel in the new marketing position, and he was indeed thriving.

He shared how he accomplished this move successfully with the use of internal advocates. Greg first identified the type of advocates he needed; people in the marketing department.

Greg then narrowed his focus on two people that could influence the hiring decision. He LinkedIn with them, and let them know when he would be at headquarters, and asked for informational interviews.

At these meetings, Greg gave them insights from the field that could help with their next marketing campaign.

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