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Employee Satisfaction: The Cost of Hating Your Job is High

As a manager, are you excited to get to work each day, or are you in the same position as many of your staff –- bored and disgruntled?

Do you believe that what you are doing makes any difference at all?

According to a new article in, “Why You Hate Work,” many people in the United States, from every level within a company — right up to the CEO — are just not excited to get out of bed and go to work each morning.

What? Thousands of disaffected, unengaged workers who really don’t want to do the work they are being paid for? Sounds crazy, right?

It’s hard to imagine how this country can stay competitive in commerce with that type of scenario.

On a more personal level, the toll this takes on people must be very heavy, in terms of lack of energy, fading dreams, discontent and –- you guessed it –- stress.

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A Comprehensive Company Wellness Program Also Includes Career Wellness

wheelAs we’re wrapping up month two of the new year, I wonder if you’ve started working on your personal wellness program?

Perhaps you’re fortunate enough to tap resources that your company offers – compensation for weight loss programs or even on-site gym access?

That may not be all that your employer now offers …

More and more firms are increasing their comprehensive wellness program offerings to employees, recognizing that healthy and happy employees are productive employees.

Let’s look at the term, “comprehensive wellness program.” I’d imagine most people take that to mean information about diet, exercise, stress-management, perhaps even preventative healthcare.

But, what about job and career wellness?

There’s no denying that people’s jobs take up a large percentage of their lives and energy — mental, emotional, and physical — and they can be a leading cause of stress, the guaranteed enemy of wellness.

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