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BRODY is on the GSA (General Services Administration) Schedule!

gsaWe’ve celebrated a lot of milestones in BRODY Professional Development’s 30+ years in business, and we are still celebrating another: earning contract number GS-02F-188AA on the GSA Schedule.

If you’ll allow me a brief moment of patriotism, it’s an honor to be able to present professional development programs to U.S. government and military agencies, various state entities, and other organizations approved for GSA Schedule business.

What happens when your presentation fails, or your e-mail is misunderstood, or your team isn’t effectively communicating or listening?

It doesn’t matter if you work at a computer technology firm or a federal agency, the end result is the same: chaos, conflict and much more.

I believe in the power and effectiveness of BRODY’s professional development offerings to create growth, enhance productivity and job fulfillment, and encourage initiative and leadership.

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