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Generation Why … Don’t They Get It? Manage Age-Related Workplace Differences

Never before have American workplaces seen such generational diversity – there are Baby Boomers working alongside Generation X and Millennials (aka Generation Y), and even some working past typical retirement age. This wide mix of employee age groups often results in interpersonal conflict and communication issues – from the top management-level down.

The majority of complaints that we hear regarding workplace generational conflict relates to issues managers encounter when working with Millennials (Generation Y) – employees born between 1982-2000.

After a recent workshop at a pharma company on bridging the generational gap, John, a Human Resources Manager, approached our trainer. He told her that he has no issues hiring Millennials, including recent college graduates.

John said his biggest frustration was that he didn’t understand how to encourage Generation Yers to communicate better with their older teammates, and didn’t know how to motivate them to lead – and succeed – at more high-profile projects.

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Are Millennials a Lost Generation? Absolutely Not!

I came across a fascinating infographic the other day: “Are Millennials a Lost Generation?” It’s also pictured at the end of my blog.

Although we’ve discussed Millennials and generational gaps before, it seems that the discussion/ controversy of the issues members of this generation are having in the workplace rages on.

By the way, for those unsure … the term “Millennial” refers to those who “came of age” since the millennium, adults ages 18 to 34. According to this infographic, a whopping 37 percent of this group are either unemployed, or otherwise out of the workforce.

Luckily, optimism appears to be one of their strongest virtues, with a full 88 percent believing that they will be making more than enough in the future. And as far as I’m concerned, they have good reason to be optimistic.

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8 Tips to Revive Your Job Interview Skills (Career Advice part 2)

A good many things fall into the category of “a dying art.” Darning socks. Shoe repair. Upholstery. People just aren’t interested in doing them anymore.

If you want to throw away your socks instead of darning the hole in the toe, that’s fine by me. I guarantee that I’ll be doing the same.

But when I see interviewing for a job listed as a dying art -— now, that’s really a cause for concern!

In my last post, I mentioned a York College study showing how poorly the Millennial generation is reported to be doing during job interviews.

What can be done to help these kids land good jobs, be professional enough to keep them, and even advance once they have them? After all, they are the future business leaders of our country.

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Job Interviews Still Require Putting Your Best Foot Forward (Career Advice part 1)

job_interviewPardon me, but I can feel a rant coming on …

I’ll try to control it. Earlier this week, I read a short article in The Week, “The Dying Art of the Job Interview.”

Here’s one sentence from it: “Recruiters say one in five recent grads displays unprofessional behavior.”

Well, there’s unprofessional behavior, and then there’s flat-out ridiculous behavior. The article goes on to mention a recent college graduate applying for a position (and a good one at that) at American Eagle, who “brought her cat along, set its crate on the interviewer’s desk, and played with it.”

In what world would any candidate, for any job, much less an educated college grad, think that could be acceptable?

Apparently, the Millennials (Generation Y) are faring poorly during job interviews, and even those who get hired are still highly unprofessional their first year on the job, according to a survey by the Center for Professional Excellence at York College of Pennsylvania.

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