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After Holiday Gifts Are Opened, It’s Important to Send Thank-You Notes

We live in an increasingly rapid-fire, fast-food world. Unfortunately, it seems that a casualty of this new climate is that basic courtesies are quickly disappearing — and none more quickly than the old-fashioned thank-you note.

Be honest. When was the last time you sent one? When was the last time you got one?

There is something about an actual thank-you note, whether stamped and mailed or e-mailed, which brightens the receiver’s day. It says that you received the gift, favor, introduction or referral.

Thank-you notes also speak volumes about you, the sender:

1. It says you appreciate the other person and what you received — whether it was to your taste or not. Yes, we are all disappointed to receive a gift we don’t like or can’t use.

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It’s Holiday Party Time! What to Wear to Office Year-End Celebrations

BRODY’s year-end holiday dinner is next week. When is yours? If it hasn’t happened yet, you can benefit from this blog …

Actually, the title of this post might be a bit misleading, because without knowing you, your figure, your age, your industry, or the level of formality of your office holiday party, I can’t actually tell you what to wear.

Even without any of that information, however, I can tell you how to dress with one word: respect.

I think dressing up for the holidays is part and parcel (pun intended) of the joy of this season. So, definitely do dress up for that office shindig, but pay close attention to exactly what is said on the invite. Is it black tie? Is it semi-formal?

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