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Shatter That Glass Ceiling: Don’t Let Workplace Labels Hold You Back

Why is it that if a man is passionate and persuasive, he’s called a brilliant leader? But if a woman is passionate and persuasive, she’s bossy.

Why is it that if a professional man takes care of his appearance, he is known as meticulous? But if a woman takes care of her appearance, she is called vain.

It’s that old double standard … shrinking perhaps, here at the tail end of 2013, but still too alive and kicking us where it hurts.

This phenomenal video from the hair-care company Pantene is currently creating a stir online. If you haven’t seen it, please take a look right now, and then let’s continue our conversation.

Although this video was produced for audiences in the Philippines, the message it conveys is also still very relevant in the U.S.

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