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Effective Negotiation Skills Begin With Communication

Negotiations-1What does negotiation mean to you? Does it bring to mind an Armani-suited, corporate raider type, devouring other companies with brilliant and aggressive strategy? Or do you picture an unflinching hostage negotiator, trying to talk down arms-wielding terrorists?

A colleague once told me, “I never negotiate.”

Wrong! He negotiates all the time — as we all do. After all, how many of us are in jobs where we’re not communicating with other people?

When you’re communicating with other people, you frequently are negotiating on some level.

Women typically have a harder time negotiating than men — and end up paying the price, literally. According to a study cited in the article, “Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and the Gender Divide,” “women who consistently negotiate their salary increases earn at least $1 million more during their careers than women who don’t.” Yikes!

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