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Propaganda, Post-truth and Persuasion

This is a guest blog from BRODY’s Executive Vice President, Amy Glass.

My great-grandmother was a runner.

Lillian Malchin (Glass) was born at the turn of the last century in Minsk, then part of Imperial Russia, and grew up in a small village in modern day Ukraine before immigrating to America. Although her world was very different than ours, one similarity is that she was also living in a post-truth world — with dire consequences.

In those days a rumor would spread, often politically sanctioned, that a child had disappeared or a woman had been attacked by a certain village. Cossacks would attack the village – galloping on their horses to plunder, rape, and murder. Entire villages were set on fire, everything destroyed, all because of a rumor, a lie … but in a post-truth world why does that matter?

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