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4 Tips to Kick the Procrastination Habit & Crank Productivity

Are you a chronic procrastinator?

I can hardly think of another “bad” habit that will take such a toll on your productivity and forward motion in your career over the years.

Whether you are procrastinating finishing a project or report, procrastinating over preparing a presentation, procrastinating on asking for a raise or a promotion, procrastinating on looking for a new job when the one you’re in clearly isn’t right, or procrastinating on talking to that direct hire who just isn’t fulfilling your expectations — well, you get the picture — none of these are good scenarios that inspire greatness or thoughts of leadership and success.

In a very real sense, procrastination drags your life to a near halt. If you have it in one area of life, it’s likely you also have it in many others.

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Employee Satisfaction: The Cost of Hating Your Job is High

As a manager, are you excited to get to work each day, or are you in the same position as many of your staff –- bored and disgruntled?

Do you believe that what you are doing makes any difference at all?

According to a new article in, “Why You Hate Work,” many people in the United States, from every level within a company — right up to the CEO — are just not excited to get out of bed and go to work each morning.

What? Thousands of disaffected, unengaged workers who really don’t want to do the work they are being paid for? Sounds crazy, right?

It’s hard to imagine how this country can stay competitive in commerce with that type of scenario.

On a more personal level, the toll this takes on people must be very heavy, in terms of lack of energy, fading dreams, discontent and –- you guessed it –- stress.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo! Celebrate Your Independence to Achieve Career Goals

successHappy Cinco de Mayo!

This May 5th holiday originated with Mexican-American communities in the American West to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the Civil War, but has morphed into a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.

Luckily, we are not engaged in a civil war, and our freedom and democracy continues. This freedom extends to your career — you have the freedom to take it anywhere you want it to go! And although research still shows that the glass ceiling is still an issue for many women in the workplace, you do not have to be settle for gender-related — or any — limitations.

So, perhaps Cinco de Mayo is a good day to celebrate your freedom to build your career and professionalism.

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Lessons From Golf’s Masters Tournament: Let’s Focus On Career Mastery

The 2014 Masters Tournament is underway as I write this post — always an exciting event for everyone who loves the sport of golf.

This year’s field of golfers consists of 91 professionals and six amateurs, representing a total of 21 countries — all vying for the winner’s coveted green jacket.

The idea of being a “master” has a certain amount of mystique, doesn’t it? What are the factors that afford mastery? Is it raw talent? Luck? Training? Practice? A combination of these things?

I find the whole concept of mastery intriguing. Although we might not get the press, the adulation, or the same high-visibility perks as some of golf’s greats now playing in the Masters, we can still strive for mastery in many different areas of our lives, not just in sports.

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National Workplace Wellness Week: Professional Development’s Impact on Health

wellness3Did you know the first full week in April — April 7 to 11th — is National Workplace Wellness Week? No, that’s not a late April Fool’s joke — it’s a real resolution that was initiated by the American Heart Association and passed by the House of Representatives.

Now, some might mumble and grumble to the effect of, “Don’t our elected representatives have anything better to do?” but I think this resolution highlights something that most people take for granted: the importance of your job and career to your overall health, happiness, and general fulfillment in life.

Here is some of the wording of the bill:

“Whereas comprehensive, culturally sensitive health promotion within the workplace is essential to maintain and improve United States workers’ health, as a significant part of a working citizen’s day is spent at work;

Whereas employees who improve their health reduce their probability of chronic health conditions, lower their out-of-pocket medical and pharmaceutical costs, reduce pain and suffering, have greater levels of energy and vitality, and experience increased satisfaction with their lives and jobs …”

As I blogged about before, more and more corporations are starting wellness programs in the workplace — recognizing the benefits to their bottom line: happy and healthy workers are productive, successful employees.

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