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BRODY’s Professional Success Speakers Will Motivate, Engage and Empower Your Meeting or Conference Participants!

Professional Success Speakers, Facilitators and Emcees
Led by Hall of Fame Speaker Marjorie Brody

Imagine attendees describing your event as “Motivating!” “Engaging!” and “Empowering!”

BRODY’s professional success speakers, led by Hall of Fame speaker Marjorie Brody, CSP, CPAE, can make this a reality, also ensuring well-organized and smooth programming. So when your reputation for a successful event or meeting is on the line, turn to BRODY’s experienced speakers, emcees and facilitators.

Keynotes and Workshop Presentations

Market Your MagicMarket Your MAGIC

If you want to be perceived as an expert in your field, you must first build your own personal brand. Marjorie Brody’s Market Your MAGIC session gives you the tools, tenacity and motivation you need to build your personal brand and achieve greater professional success and recognition.

AccountibilityAccountability: Four Keys to Manage Success (Yours and Others)

Every team member must “own” their decisions and actions if the organization is to succeed as a whole. This presentation by Marjorie Brody will invigorate your team’s commitment and passion and reinforce the principle of accountability as the linchpin to success.

Courageous CoachingCourageous Coaching: It’s Not Easy, It’s Your Job!

This interactive session will help attendees eliminate the excuses of fear, time, faulty assumptions and “don’t know how” previously holding them back from coaching effectively. Marjorie will provide coaching models to practice and apply to the participants’ environment.

Leadership PresenceLeadership Presence: Power Up Your Potential

Did you know that leadership traits can be learned and honed through practice? This presentation will show you how to gain the power to energize those within your sphere of influence, and more effectively relate to — and engage — your team members, senior leaders and clients.

Bridging the Generational GapBridging the Generational Gap

With the largest diversity in age grouping in the workplace than any other time in history, there is the new challenge of successfully bridging the generation gaps at work. In this program featuring BRODY speaker Amy Glass, you’ll discover how you can leverage the differences to enhance team and organizational success.

Top Ten Reasons Why Presentations FailTop 10 Reasons Why Presentations Fail … and How to Avoid Them

Hall of Fame Speaker Marjorie Brody has identified the top 10 reasons why presentations fail. She has helped thousands to overcome these obstacles and get optimum results with professional speech preparation and delivering strategies.

Conference Services

Meeting FacilitatorMeeting Facilitation

When everything is riding on your next big meeting or event, hire one of BRODY’s experienced meeting facilitators to guide your group to achieving the desired deliverables.


Our emcees are so much more than a talking head — they will instantly engage your audience, effectively transition all elements of the event, and send attendees home remembering all the key points.