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Hall of Fame Speaker Marjorie Brody Motivates and Moves Audiences from Where They Are to Where They Want to Be

Marjorie Brody, CSP, PCC, CPAE

Marjorie Brody’s message is real, relatable and actionable. The internationally recognized Hall of Fame speaker continues to entertain, challenge, inspire, educate and move audiences from where they are, to where they want to be.

Keynotes and Workshop Presentations

Marjorie’s content-rich keynotes and workshop presentations delve into the vital characteristics, behaviors and strategies that lead to personal and professional-growth and are centered around accountability … yours and others.

Market Your MagicMarket Your MAGIC

If you want to be perceived as an expert in your field, you must build your own personal brand. Market Your MAGIC give you the tools, tenacity and motivation you need to build your personal brand and achieve greater professional success and recognition.

AccountibilityAccountability: Four Keys to Manage Success (Yours and Others)

Every team member must “own” their decisions and actions if the organization is to succeed as a whole. This presentation will invigorate your team’s commitment and passion and reinforce the principle of accountability as the linchpin to success.

Courageous CoachingCourageous Coaching: It’s Not Easy, It’s Your Job!

This interactive session will help attendees eliminate the fear, time, assumptions and “don’t know how” previously holding them back from coaching effectively. Marjorie will provide coaching models to practice and apply to participants’ environment.

Leadership PresenceLeadership Presence: Power Up Your Potential

Did you know leadership traits can be learned and honed through practice? This speech will show you how to gain the power to energize those within your sphere of influence, and more effectively relate to—and engage—your team members, senior leaders and clients.

Top Ten Reasons Why Presentations FailTop 10 Reasons Why Presentations Fail… and How to Avoid Them

Hall of Fame Speaker Marjorie Brody has identified the top 10 reasons why presentations fail. She has helped thousands to overcome these obstacles and get optimum results with professional speech preparation and delivering strategies.


I’d just like to say a personal THANK YOU for the session you held on Tuesday. Your words and the MAGIC concept really made me think and assess my ways of working, and what I want to achieve in life. It’s enhanced my confidence and I am committed to improving myself with the aim of being an even more successful leader. There was a real buzz after the session, and I am looking forward to the next one. I felt so motivated and happy after the session, I could hardly sleep that night with all of the thoughts going through my head. You are a true inspiration to women.

Participant, Information Services
Pharmaceutical Firm
Attending a Women in Leadership Conference

Rarely does a speaker make such an effort to understand who we are and what we do. You nailed our challenges so well.

Janet Forbes Reeder
Credit Union Internal Auditors Association

Very revitalizing/energizing and thought-provoking. Liked her examples to help communicate her points. Helped to refine my goals and passion for fulfilling my potential.

HBA (Healthcare Businesswomen Association) Leadership Conference

You were fantastic! We could not have asked for more! Your presentation was focused on the audience in every way. As the one who communicated with you and your staff over months, I sat on the front row with a smile on my face the entire time knowing you were connecting with our audience from your very first words. Perfect…Perfect…Perfect!!! You were a delight to work with and finally meet and I know both your keynote and breakout session presentations were huge hits.

Many in attendance made a special effort to let me and others know they were very pleased with our choice to have you kickoff our annual conference with your keynote presentation titled, ‘Speaking is an Audience-Centered Sport’. Your breakout session evaluations were equally complimentary. I really do appreciate your attention to the details and wanting to connect with each and every person in our audience. The trainers and educators who were present in the audience were definitely able to walk away with lots of valuable information and tools for their future. On behalf of the Program Committee for the 2008 SITE conference, thank you very much and great job!

Mark B. Fine, Program Chair
SITE Conference Committee

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