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Career MAGIC

Discover How to Find and Make Your Own Business Opportunities by Using Effective Self-Marketing Strategies

Career MAGIC

A Woman’s Guide to Reward and Recognition

225-page hardcover book by Marjorie Brody

The only thing holding many career-oriented women back in the business world is self-inflicted limitations – fear, mannerisms, complacency and lack of confidence.

Marjorie Brody doesn’t buy it – that women in the corporate world can’t achieve greatness.

Brody’s message is simple: Opportunity will not come knocking on your door. Businesspeople – women especially — have to find and make their own opportunities. Thus the birth of Brody’s MAGICal self-marketing formula:

M – Manner. The impression you make and how you communicate with others. Add an “s” to manner: Your manners matter. Common courtesies, or lack of them, can affect your career.

A – Advocates. People who can hire you, recommend you, or introduce you to others. Find ways to meet and develop relationships with people who will be your advocates.

G – Growth. Continually investigate ways to grow. This includes determining what skills and knowledge you should acquire, and what risks to take for achieving goals.

I – Involvement. Get involved in organizations and seek leadership positions that will give you the most visibility.

C – Commentary. Seek opportunities to give commentary through writing and speaking engagements. This will help you get established as an expert in your field.

In Career MAGIC, Marjorie also shares strategies that have worked for more than 30 highly successful female executives in a variety of industries. This hardcover book will encourage any businesswoman to break through barriers to achieve their goals.