Harness the Power of Storytelling to Ensure Your Message is Not Only Conveyed Effectively—But Remembered

Business Storytelling Webinars

When you walk away from a business meeting or a presentation, what do you remember? Chances are it’s the stories you heard.

Storytelling is fundamental to human communication. Stories can change the way we think, act, and feel. They capture our imaginations in a way that cold, hard facts cannot. They aid in message retention and inspire us to take action.

BRODY’s “Business Storytelling” webinars will help participants improve their overall communication and leadership skills through the use of more effective storytelling.

As a result of these webinars, participants will:

  • Better understand the importance of good communication skills
  • Know how to recognize a good business story
  • Know how to craft and tell a business story
  • Use communication as a key element of team and client leadership

Target Audience:

Individuals who would like to improve their business storytelling skills. This includes leaders, consultants, sales professionals, brand leaders and high potentials.

Number of Participants:

12 maximum

Program Length:

two, 2-hour webinars on different dates

Program Outline:

    First Webinar Session

  1. The Importance of Good Communication Skills
  2. The Importance of Storytelling
    • How storytelling aids in message retention
    • How storytelling enhances leadership skills
    • Listening for and recognizing good business stories and their applicability
  3. Practice of Storytelling
    • When storytelling is appropriate in business
    • How to craft and tell a story in a business context
    • Tips for storytelling
    • Seeking feedback on your storytelling skills
  4. Learning from the Experts (video examples of expert storytellers)
  5. Homework Assignment — watch a video of an expert storyteller before the next webinar

    Second Webinar Session

    1. Learning from the Experts (discuss homework assignments from webinar #1)
    2. Storyteller’s Dilemma
      • Storytelling practices to avoid
      • Overcoming communication barriers
    3. Knowledge Check (evaluate storytelling examples to check for understanding of topics discussed)
    4. Improving Leadership Through Storytelling
      • How storytelling is used by effective leaders
      • Application: How will you use storytelling to enhance your team leadership and client relationships
    5. Wrap-Up
      • Summarize key points
      • Answer questions
      • Personal development plan

    Materials Include:

    Participant handout and a link to the archived recordings for webinar participants

    Discover how to tell stories to ensure your message is conveyed effectively and remembered—contact BRODY Professional Development directly at (215) 886-1688.