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Presentation Power

IC=Individual Contributors
Whatever your goal, BRODY’s presentation skills training programs can help your leaders, teams and individual contributors enhance their ability to inform, influence and inspire. These programs can be offered in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

Presentation Skills Training Programs

Present With SuccessPresent with Success (L, M, IC)

This session focuses on the effective development and delivery of presentations for business professionals who wish to engage their audience from the start, make a lasting impact, and get results.


Persuasive SpeakingPersuasive Speaking(L, M, IC)

To be effective, your speaking must be not just well researched or well prepared — it must be persuasive. This advanced program provides models to structure an effective persuasive presentation.


The Next Step: Advancing Your Presentation SkillsThe Next Step: Advancing Your Presentation Skills (L, M, IC)

After you’ve mastered the informative presentation, it’s time to take the next step – to move people to action.


Powerful Presentation SkillsPowerful Presentation Skills (L, M, IC)

This interactive, two-day workshop focuses on individual strengths and imparts specific presentation techniques to assist you in your transformation into a powerful communicator. It combines both informative and persuasive techniques, with a great deal of time for video, practice and coaching.


Business StorytellingBusiness Storytelling (L, M, IC)

BRODY’s “Business Storytelling” program will help participants discover how to tell stories effectively, ultimately improving their overall communication and leadership skills. This topic is also available to be delivered in two, 2-hour webinars.


Speaking UpSpeaking Up: Mastering Presentations to Senior Leadership (M)

This presentation skills training program is designed to help you impress and persuade even the toughest senior leadership and other executives.


Talking TechTalking Tech: Skills for Technical Presenters (M, IC)

BRODY’s technical presentation training program will help you deliver successful technical presentations to sell your ideas, project or products.


Don't Deck 'Em!Don’t Deck ‘Em! Use Visual Aids to Enhance Your Message (L, M, IC)

This session focuses on the effective planning and design of slide decks, and helps the presenter make the slides (and message) come alive to the audience — creating lasting impact.


The e-VantageThe e-Vantage: Strategies for Delivering Content Virtually (L, M, IC)

Delivering content virtually is the new reality for many professionals. Whether you are leading virtual presentations, meetings, or facilitating a remote training program, you need to connect with every audience member. This experiential three-step program will teach you how.


Facilitative PresentingFacilitative Presenting (L, M, IC)

Our multi-tasking, overwhelmed audiences need to be engaged and participate during a presentation. This session will educate you in the art of facilitative speaking, and enable you to connect fully and naturally with your audience.


Media Training: How to Work the PressMedia Training: How to Work the Press (L, M)

Whether your media interview is part of crisis control, or sharing more general company information, developing a powerful message that resonates — and delivering it well—is critical.


Clinician Speaker TrainingClinician Speaker Training: Speaking Skills for Key Opinion Leaders (L)

BRODY Professional Development’s physician speaker training helps clinicians and other healthcare professionals increase their influence and professional standing.


Intensive English for Foreign-Born ProfessionalsIntensive English for Foreign-Born Professionals (L, M, IC)

Our Intensive English for Foreign-Born Professionals training program will help professionals born in different countries speak clearly, express their ideas, and communicate effectively.


BRODY Professional Development Webinar Training Programs

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