BRODY Pro Coaching

What do CEOs and Other Top Performers Have in Common?

Many Highly Successful People Have Benefited from One-on-One Executive Coaching or Coaching for Specific Professional Skills

BRODY One-on-One Executive Coaching

When people feel confident, dedicated and successful, everybody wins. The BRODY coaching process helps employees and leaders solve problems and find new ways to succeed.

One-on-one executive coaching or one-on-one professional skills coaching can lead to improved morale, enhanced communications, better results and greater profits.


BRODY One-on-One Executive Coaching

Coaching is about becoming the Best You Can Be

BRODY offers three- to six-month one-on-one executive coaching options that combine face-to-face sessions with phone coaching. Professional Certified Coach Marjorie Brody and her team of certified coaches works with seasoned executives, newly promoted managers, and others identified as having leadership potential. Coaching can help individuals or groups capitalize on existing strengths, and develop critical competencies necessary for future success.

BRODY Skills Coaching

When a specific need has been identified, BRODY’s team of coaches stands ready to help. One-on-one skills coaching, starting at a 1-hour session, face-to-face sessions, Skype, and/or over-the-phone sessions, are available.

Skills Coaching Areas of Expertise:

  • Executive Presence
  • Presentation Skills*
  • Team Presentation Skills
  • Handling the Media
  • Dress for Success
  • Voice and Diction*

*Available in Spanish

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